Why Science Fiction is the future of film.

Scifipop December 12, 2011 0

science fiction future of film

I believe we have come to a point where science fiction is not just a niche market anymore. With the advent of our technological advancements, and being surrounded daily by tech gadgets and other technologies, it has made us accustomed to futuristic environments.

Of course, a futuristic environment is a staple of the science fiction genre. It is this relation, I believe, that has given the general public a comfort level unlike before to embrace the science fiction genre. It could be that our own advancement in technology have made us more curious about the possibilities of our future. It has made us, shall I say, more geekier and nerdier as a whole. We now have what it takes to actually imagine the possibilities that we dare not imagine before, the possibilities that were once considered…science fiction.

For example, in the 1980’s personal tech and appliances were perceived as clunky and unsophisticated; a large contrast to the highly sophisticated and powerful technologies we have often witnessed in science fiction films. In seeing this, people were more detached and science fiction remained in it’s corner as a niche genre for science geeks and nerds with far fetched imagination.

Now, we can actually relate to science fiction films and the disparity between our own technology and of those we have often witnessed in science fiction films have closed tremendously. Even if the technology in science fiction is much more advanced than ours, we are at a point where we are confident that with the current rapid progression of our own technology, we too will be able to do the things people do in science fiction movies. Maybe even within our lifetime. Thus, science fiction is now viewed not just as a fantasy on how we’re hoping to advance, but a possibility, maybe even a preview.

In addition, it is now easier and cheaper to make believable environments and scenes in science fiction films because of our huge leap in special effects. A whole world and species can be as real as those on the moon Pandora from the movie “Avatar”. Thus, an influx of science fiction movies will be produced with excellent special effects, even on a shoe-string budget such as “District 9”; shoe-string budget according to Hollywood standards.

The future influx of science fiction films will help expose the general public to science fiction as not just a genre for geeks and nerds to enjoy in their basement but a genre that will be prevalent and mainstream. The general public will ultimately embrace the genre as they have with comedy or action.

Plus, we now live in a world with amazing technologies that provide endless possibilities. What are being portrayed in science fiction movies are basically extensions of our current world and imagination.

And I believe we live in a world that is more imaginative and curious than even the Victorian era because of the known possibilities of future technologies and science.

Science fiction is the manifestation of our imagination. A manifestation that will appear on the silver screens more than any other genre, soon.

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