Zoe Saldana the next Angelina Jolie?

Scifipop December 13, 2011 1

Zoe Saldana The Loosers


I definitely think so. Zoe Saldana has all the grace, kick ass beauty, and acting skills to be the next Angelina Jolie type actress.

Although her current movie, “The Losers” bombed in its opening weekend, there’s no denying that Saldana violently stole a few scenes. Like Jolie, Saldana can easily be a polarizing figure. She can melt your heart and rattle your kneecaps with the tenderest of smiles, yet, can convincingly portray a character that can beat you to a bloody pulp and step on you on her way out.

Since starring in James Cameron’s “Avatar”, Saldana has been dubbed the face of Avon’s Eternal Magic fragrance, has two movies currently playing in theaters (“The Losers”, “Death at a Funeral”), and even garnered a best Acting award from Empire Film Awards, a United Kingdom based movie magazine, for her role in “Avatar”. So she’s definitely staying in the limelight (as if it’s hard to forget her).

Roles that I think Saldana should play:

– Selene in “Underworld”

– A comic character or video game character like Storm (Halle Berry looks good as Storm, but she sucks playing Storm). Plus, everyone is doing a comic book movie anyway.

– Romantic movies. Would be awesome to see her team up with Will Smith or me.

– Biopic of an athlete since she has the body type for it and it will showcase her versatility

– Something English that takes place in the Victorian or Shakespearean era, ’cause you know, every top actress has to do a movie with an English accent.

Aslo, if you haven’t seen her in Haven, check it out, she’s plays her part well.

What do you guys think?

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