Prometheus Trailer Spot And Damn It No Aliens!

Scifipop December 20, 2011 0

This is more of a teaser trailer/mini featurette on Prometeus. Ridley Scott has mentioned to that there will be no Aliens. I am certain they’ll be a tiny glimpse, but lets go with Ridley Scott’s words for now. But seriously, no Aliens? What’s he smoking? We’re all craving for another kick ass Aliens movie, and he’s telling us no Aliens? So, basically this is going to be another Scifi-horror movie in space?

Honestly, I kind of lost my hopes for Ridley Scott as a director who still has the touch. I am not putting high hopes on this movie after hearing that they’ll be no Aliens. Damn it, now I feel I’m being ripped off, even though I haven’t even paid to see the movie yet. I’ve wasted all my time anticipating this movie to hear that there will be no Aliens? Seriously? C’mon Mr. Scott! Mark my words, you’ll regret it with the, “no Aliens” part. And to name it “Prometheus” and not take advantage of the fans wish for another great Aliens reboot sequel, prequel or whatever? Something is wrong here.

What do you guys think?


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