Scifipop 2012 Top 10 Scifi-Fantasy Films, 6-10

Scifipop December 27, 2011 0

2012 top 10 scifi movies

Since anointing a top 10 best list is a subjective matter, we’ll go with something more objective and finite by predicting the top 10 science fiction or fantasy films that will make the most money in 2012. Of course, we’ll be subjective here, but objectivity will rule out in the end! Whether some of these movies are considered flops or not, is beyond the point of this list. This list, however, will only consider domestic (United States) box office success. It’ll be fun to compare our predictions at the end of 2012.

Here’s our bottom half of the list, 6-10. Up next, 1-5.

6. The Avengers: The Super hero team movie that Marvel Studios has set us up for the past 4 years will finally arrive. Will The Avengers buckle the failing trend by making a film with so many stars and leading characters work? The last one we can remember that flopped miserably was Batman and Robin. Ouch. It’s hard to see this working, but we’ll see.

7. Brave: It’s a Pixar, and that should be an automatic $150 million off the bat right? This movie follows a little princess who wants to make her own path in life. You really can’t go wrong with Pixar animated movies. At least not yet, not with this one.

8. Wrath of The Titans: Sam Worthing is back as Perseus. This time he has more formidable foes to fight through as his quest leads him to the underworld. The last movie did a bad job with their 3-D conversion but it still made good money. This one was shot in native 3-D and will be much better, at least from that perspective. I think overall this movie will be better than the first and should make the studios happy.

9. The Amazing Spider Man: A reboot in the middle of a successful franchise? Yes, that sounds crazy but this is what this movie is. Basically, we’re going to see how Peter Parker became Spider Man, again, but with a little more detail. Andrew Garfield seems like a pretty good Spider Man, but whether he’s known enough or people care enough to see a reboot makes us a little iffy on this film. But the Spider Man brand alone, at least, puts this movie on our ninth spot. Oh, and Emma Stone is worth the price of admission already.

10. Prometheus:  The anticipated prequel (or is it?) of Aliens follows a team of space explorers who’ll discover the clues to the origins of man. Will this movie reach beyond the Aliens fans and scifi fans? The hype surrounding this film will promote it to our top 10 list, but we don’t think this movie will have enough interest from the general public to promote it any further. We’re thinking that Battleship might even do better. But we’ll take the safe route and go with Ridley Scott this time. He still has the touch right? Right?

Up next our top 5 list.

What would be your top 10 or even top 5 scifi or fantasy movie money makers?

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