Battle Los Angeles: A True Review!

Scifipop December 13, 2011 0

battle Los Angeles

Anyway, it turns out, my friend really liked “Battle Los Angeles”, and mind you, she’s a “Sex and the City” type chick. So that means, there were enough drama, emotion, and storyline for her to sit through a testosterone filled war film. Basically, there was enough sensitivity in the film for a woman to be able to sit through an action packed science fiction film and walk out liking the movie.

I had a good feeling about the movie since my first taste of the preview, and as it turns out, I left the theaters more surprised that a movie with an obvious plot, had more to offer than I expected. I’m just glad fate was overturned by rationality.

“Battle Los Angeles”, is about an advanced alien civilization attacking earth for its resources, ala Will Smith’s “Independence Day”. There was no gesture of diplomacy by the aliens, but a straight out attempt to destroy and conquer. The movie could have gone awry wrong with cheesy one liners, clichéd scenes, and bad acting that you would normally see from similar action films. However, Aaron Eckhart’s strong and believable performance coupled with an excellent cast, carried the movie above the normal pre-summer blockbuster wannabe flick. Their performances were just enough to keep the cliché honest where you can actually put up with it. My only qualm is the shaky camera style. I thought it was a little overdone and dizzying.

“Battle Los Angeles” started fast and never let up its pace. It was like watching an Iraq war movie, but substituting Iraqis with 7 feet aliens and cities of Iraq for Los Angeles and Santa Monica. That’s about it. Really. The battle scenes, and military actions against the aliens were reminiscent of “Jarhead”, “Green Zone”, and “The Hurt Locker”. It’s a movie about global warfare that only focuses on a select group of U.S. Marine battalion and their plight to survive and combat the aliens.

It was eerily similar to “Independence Day” but without the busy dog fight scene (I was actually hoping for that). But seriously, who cares right? A movie about humans battling aliens is worth a watch! Especially, during this slow movie period.

As I’ve stated in my previous blog, “Battle Los Angeles” does not try to advertise itself to be a movie it’s not. It was marketed as an action packed, all out war movie. So those that chose to see the movie knew what was coming, and I think that will bode well with reviews. Plus, it’s great timing with the release date as this is the only action film on the market worth seeing.

So if you like science fiction, aliens, war movies, and things getting blown up, then this movie is worth a watch.

Somehow, I sensed that they left open the possibility of a sequel… 🙂

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