Inception: Confusing plot almost killed it.

Scifipop December 13, 2011 0

Inception movie scene


I liked the movie, but I didn’t think it was what the hype made it out to be. I think the fact that it’s a unique plot and directed by Christopher Nolan made people overlook the movie’s flaws.

I also think that a lot of people gave themselves more credit than they deserve by pretending to completely understand the film during the first half. I’d like to think I’m a cerebral kinda guy, but I was pretty much confused until the latter part of the movie. Everything was clearer when they actually went on their mission. But before that, I was saying to myself, “this is the movie people thought was awesome?”.

When things started to make sense, a lot of things don’t really make much sense. You’re telling me a group of geeks without military training penetrated a high security fortress without any injury? A van was able to outrun tons of trained security guards with high powered weapons, in traffic? No one came out of their seats during the van rollover? No one woke up during the rollover? From that rollover to the “kick” moment, or when the van fell into the water, wasn’t more than a few minutes. So I doubt the sedation would have kept them from sleeping during the rollover. I know it’s fictional, but it still has to make sense within the scope of its own story/world

Also, the movie seems to suggest that you can only wake up in order of the layer of your dreams.

Only until after you’ve finished the film and think about it do you appreciate its effort. But while you’re watching the film, at that moment, it didn’t seem like anything too revolutionary.

I think scifi fans were just waiting for another scifi film to hail and show the public that it too can be big budget, smart and very successful. I don’t know if they’ve found one in Inception, but it’s not a bad choice.

The movie will make a good amount of money from multiple viewings because it’s an interesting movie, and people will feel like they need to watch it again to fully understand it. I definitely need to watch it again myself.

I would have loved to see this movie in native 3D, and if there is a conversion, please do not mess it up.

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