Would you want Bionic body parts?

Scifipop December 13, 2011 1

Six Million Dollar Man

In the near future, and maybe 50 years or so from now, electronic limbs and body parts might be as normal as fake breasts and Botox injections.

I was reading the Wall Street Journal on electronic eyes and how all blind people with electronic eyes will be able to see again. That is, if you could shill out $50,000 to $100,000.

Now I beg the question, when electronic limbs or body parts becomes normal and affordable, would you replace your ear drums or eyeballs for a chance to have the electronic version? What if the eyeballs are capable of doing things as the T-800 robot in the “Terminator” movie, or that you can magnify your vision by 10 times? Lets say you can have arms and legs that can help you run and move much faster, or stronger, would it be much more practical to have?

I would. Imagine being able to run at 35 or maybe even 55 miles an hour? A trip to the grocery store 10 blocks away doesn’t seem that bad after all right?

So would you become part bionic if the technology is available and for an affordable price?

In this video, renowned theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku, explains our evolution into the phase beyond discovery, but mastery of our world. If that’s the case, the future is very exciting. Very interesting stuff.

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