Prometheus Exclusive Featurette – Origins

Justin May 10, 2012 0

prometheus movie featurette

If you’ve seen The Avengers in theaters, you’ve probably seen the Prometheus trailer, unless of course you were late. That trailer, did it for me. I was just a tad on the fence about Prometheus, but after seeing that trailer, I get it. No need to see the aliens that we’re used to seeing in the Aliens movies. I think Ridley Scott has found himself again with Prometheus after a few flops. The whole premise of the movie is VERY intriguing. I honestly cannot wait.

Now, after watching this featurette, it just further heightens my sense of excitement for the film!

Prometheus out in theaters June 8, 2012. Stars Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and directed by Ridley Scott.

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