The Avengers Killing The Box Office With Vengeance

Scifipop May 7, 2012 0

The Avengers top grossing opening weekend

If you haven’t seen The Avengers over the weekend, chances are, the word of mouth and hype of this film will get you curious enough to go see it as not to miss out on all of the talk. For sure it will be worth it.

The Joss Whedon directed film, pulled in a staggering $200.3 million over the weekend topping previous record holder Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows 2 and The Dark Knight.

The film looks to continue it’s strong showing into the second week as on the fence movie goers are expected to see the movie, influenced by positive reviews.

So far in it’s 7th week, The Hunger Games pulled in Twilight like numbers with $380.7 million.

Here’s a list of this past weekend’s top grossing films and the past 5 most successful openings.

1. “The Avengers,” $200.3 million ($151.5 million international).

2. “Think Like a Man,” $8 million.

3. “The Hunger Games,” $5.7 million ($4.3 million international).

4. “The Lucky One,” $5.5 million ($5.5 million international).

5. “The Pirates! Band of Misfits,” $5.4 million ($2.6 million international).

6. “The Five-Year Engagement,” $5.1 million ($2.3 million international).

7. “The Raven,” $2.5 million.

8. “Safe,” $2.47 million ($2.2 million international).

9. “Chimpanzee,” $2.4 million.

10. “The Three Stooges,” $1.8 million.

Best openings of all time:

1. The Avengers $200,300,000

2. Harry Potter / Deathly Hallows (P2) $169,189,427

3. The Dark Knight $158,411,483

4. The Hunger Games $152.5

5. Spider Man 3 $151.1

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