The Avengers Review: A Deviation From The Norm

Scifipop May 15, 2012 1

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It’s hard to find fault in a film that reached a billion dollars faster than any film in history. Frankly, it’s quite hard to find any fault in The Avengers at all. Directed by Joss Whedon, the fears of producing/directing a film like The Avengers are providing ample screen time for all of the superheros, keeping in check the casts egos and how to weave a complete and fulfilling story that’s entertaining, yet, appeases the Marvel universe fan base. The Avengers is just about that, the superheros. The more popular and beloved the characters, the more screen time. Unless, of course, you’re a character with a hot body like Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow. She received more quality screen time than her actual significance in The Avengers universe.

Interestingly, here’s a break down by Vulture of the onscreen time of each superhero.

Hawkeye: 12:44
Thor: 25:52
Bruce Banner/Hulk: 28:03
Black Widow: 33:35
Iron Man/Tony Stark: 37:01
Captain America: 37:42

The Avengers movie has it all, awesome characters, great story, great actors, great direction, great action, great special effects, great cinematography and an excellent pace. The Avengers deviated a bit from your typical heroes fighting the big bad guys. Although the bad guys were bad, big and came in droves, their individual and combined strengths were relatively weak compared to the superheroes. Quite the deviation from the impenetrable and powerful bad guys where the superheros have to summon every ounce of energy and smarts to contend, and ultimately, defeat them.

I personally would have liked to see a much more powerful villain than what Joss Whedon gave us in Loki and his minions (Loki was more manipulative than powerful). It would have made it more climatic in terms of their battles. However, this film works because it’s all about the superheros and Whedon knew that audiences wanted to see them in action using their powers and smarts; with just enough of the bad guys to satiate movie goers and fans. Luckily, after the film’s ending credits we see a very powerful foe in line for The Avengers to deal with. I might finally get my epic battle between The Avengers and their villain(s) in The Avengers 2! I can’t wait!


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