Underworld Awakening Review: Is Selene Back?

Justin January 22, 2012 1

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Before reviewing this film, I want to point out some interesting discrepancies between real “critics” and your average movie goers. At Rotten Tomato, it’s a complete polar opposite between critic’s rating and audience’s rating. As of this writing, critics have the film at a 28% approval rating while audience’s rated it pretty well at 80%. On IMDB, the metascore (critic’s rating) has it at 40 out of 100, while audiences tabbed it at 7.2 out of 10 stars.

What does this mean? It means that the approach and expectations are different between critics and audiences. Being a professional critic, they enter every movie expecting everything from the storyline, character development, acting, and the technical aspect of the film to satisfy their reference point. Usually, it’s a pretty high reference point. We, as an audience member, quite frankly, don’t give a whole lot of crap about a lot of that crap. We just want an enjoyable film, and however the film delivers it, then it’s all dandy.
With that said, on we go with the review!

Kate Beckinsale is back as Selene in Underworld Awakening after a one movie hiatus in Rise of The Lycans. As the title suggests, Selene wakes from a 12 year sleep after a young girl named Eve sets her free. While looking for the young girl and rescuing her from harm, Selene finds out that humans are on a quest to eliminate or “purge” all of the Vampires and Lycans living amongst them, peacefully or not.

Underworld Awakening starts off face paced and does not let up in keeping audiences engaged. Selene, throughout the entire part of the movie, was stoic and was even confronted by the little girl, Eve, as “cold.” After a 12 year sleep, confusion, and thinking you’ve lost your true love, I don’t think anyone can blame her. It’s true that Kate Beckinsale should have, at some parts of the film, showed a little more character and emotion instead of looking like an emotionally tormented person who’s trying very hard to suppress it in. It would have helped audiences feel her rage and better connect with her character. But throughout the entire movie, there was a disconnect, and we’re left to enjoy the movie as a normal action packed, loud, and somewhat gory film.

I wasn’t too impressed with the 3D, besides one cliched scene with debris flying around and we see it floating, which I still find it cool. Otherwise, the 3D wasn’t properly used, and barely enhanced the film, if at all. There wasn’t enough of it to justify forking that extra few bucks to see this movie in 3D.

Graphically, the movie is dark, as you would expect. There are certain scenes with the Lycans that the CGI seemed rushed or the budgetUnderworld Awakening eve didn’t allow them to finish up for a more realistic look. The CGI on the Lycans did not look fluid, nor were their movements. I am still bothered by why Eve looked like a character from The Grudge or The Exorcist when she changed form.

However, the graphics and story were just barely satisfying, while the action and pace of the movie made it very enjoyable. So if you’re in for some bad ass butt kicking by Selene and just want an enjoyable movie, then I would recommend this film. If you’re somewhat of a movie snob and expect this movie to be rich in every aspect, then you might still find this enjoyable but won’t want to overtly admit it for reputation sake.

So yes, I like the film, and got what I expected; a fun, action packed, and enjoyable movie. I’m happy.

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