Amazing Video of Stormy Africa From Space

Justin January 20, 2012 0

This is a video from space above Africa as the International Space Station passes it over. Check out the amazingly beautiful video that looks like it’s from a Scifi movie.

Here’s the info from the Youtube page:

(View in HD at:
This video was taken by the crew of Expedition 30 on board the International Space Station. The sequence of shots was taken December 29, 2011 from 20:55:05 to 21:14:09 GMT, on a pass from over central Africa, near southeast Niger, to the South Indian Ocean, southeast of Madagascar. The complete pass is over southern Africa to the ocean, focusing on the lightning flashes from local storms and the Milky Way rising over the horizon.

The Milky Way can be spotted as a hazy band of white light at the beginning of the video. The pass continues southeast toward the Mozambique Channel and Madagascar. The Lovejoy Comet can be seen very faintly near the Milky Way. The pass ends as the sun is rising over the dark ocean.

Video courtesy of the Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center

Via the Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth

International Space Station Passes Over Africa

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